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English / فارسی Hattel Programmer

In new windows, at the time of installing or openning, right click on the item and select "Run As Administrator".

For using the device you need one software and one usb driver:

  • Software:
  • USB Drivers:
    • In windows 10 usually you needn't install any driver; It is automatically installed and the word 'READY' appears in the software after connecting the programmer to the computer
    • We have designed the programmer with two types of USB chips within it. So for the assurance you may install both the following drivers
      • FTDI Driver (Click on it)
        • After installation, for the best performance and speed, change the LATENCY TIMER to 1. It is located in Advance part of port settings of the relative port in device mangager of windows
        • For the products manufactured berfore 20th of Mordad of 1393, if you leave a chip in the ZIF for a long time while the computer is in standby, the USB chip of the programmer will be damaged
      • CP2104 Driver (Click on it)
        • This is a ZIP file; Extract it and run (..._x86.exe) for 32bit windows and (..._x64.exe) for 64bit windows
        • You can download latest version of this driver from the Original Site too