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Counts of order:

Add USB Cable (28000 Tomans per cable)

Activate XMEGA too. (140000 Toman instead of 190000 Toman)

Delivered at manufacturer address. (Shipment cost is not calculated)

  • The payment price includes shipment cost too. Please forbear from payment to mailman.
  • Post Co. gathers and sends parcels once a day (except holidays) about 12(AM) o'clock. So orders received after 11(AM) usually are sent at the subsequent day.
  • Although our products have the quality of being used for many years but electronic instruments generally could be dammaged easily by misusage. So:
    • Repair of faulty items is free of charge only for 1 year after sell and only if we distinguish it has been our fault.
    • USB cable and ZIF socket are not subject of warranty.