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Hatel Wireless Door Opener

Hatel Wireless Door Opener

This is an innovative 433Mhz wireless door opener which has two terminals and is connected as a single-pole switch in the circuit of a usual door opener and closes the circuit under the command of a remote transmitter so the door is opened accordingly. It needs no separate connection for its power consumption.

You can set it with up to 128 remote buttons and this could be free buttons of your currently using remotes.

To set a remote just press the board button while the jumper is in the middle position afterward the green led starts blinking fast or slow. Fast blink means it is ready to accept a new remote so you need to press your desired button of the remote to be set and finished. Slow blink means you must first press one of the previous remotes that is familiar with it then it starts blinking fast for accepting the new one.

You can delete all remotes by pressing and holding the board button until the red led lights.

You can you the board as a manual push button opener plus remote opener by drawing out the jumper or putting it in the right position.

Left position of the jumper is in fact the two pins of the boar push button the could be used for a push button in another place.

Attention: Using the device above electrical specification declared on the case may cause permanent damage to it.

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